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If you practice yoga, you're probably aware of its many benefits. From stress relief to flexibility to building strength. There are poses that help relieve pain, even anxiety.

Yoga is as beneficial for children as it is for adults! Click here to read "The Benefits of Yoga for Kids" from Parents magazine. 

Class information...


Classes teach the practice of yoga in a fun and creative way through the use of games, songs, and props. From sun salutation to savasana, classes teach children how to self-regulate through breathing, and to focus, be calm, and stay positive through a variety of poses and movements while helping build strength, improve motor skills, and create self-awareness!

Your child will need…

A yoga mat (adult or child size) can be purchased at most department stores or online. Comfortable clothing (ex. yoga pants and a t-shirt) should be worn to class.

Parent engagement!

To keep you up-to-date on your child's learning, newsletters will be emailed the last week of each month and includes a lesson plan for each week and any important upcoming event information.

If you're looking to work with your yogi at home, here is a PDF with a list of our yoga poses A-Z!






You will be able to see your child’s progress in yoga at our observation class held in the month of January. We will hold an in-class performance at the end of May to celebrate all of our accomplishments!

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