Classes will be held utilizing the Zoom platform. Class links will be provided the week before they are scheduled to begin. 

Not familiar with Zoom? Here is a link to the Zoom website.  It's free to use. You can also download the Zoom app if you are using a tablet. Smartphones are not recommended to use for class due to small screen size. 

We are limiting class sizes to 12 students and look forward to giving everyone the attention they would receive in an in-person class.

High fives comin at ya!

Please note: All class times listed on the schedule are EST time zone

Pre-recorded classes on Vimeo!

Receive a code for unlimited access to a variety of dance and yoga classes for all ages. A great option if the Zoom class schedule doesn't meet your needs or for kids that struggle with Zoom classes.

Also a great addition for kids that are enrolled in any of the live classes!


Classes will range in length from 10-30 minutes and new classes will be added regularly.

Shorter videos will give kids the opportunity to do some of their favorite yoga songs, like Crazy Monkey and Sargent Salutation or learn and practice hip-hop moves and combinations. Longer classes will have a regular class structure and include savasana for yoga and stretches for dance.

Yoga and dance classes for preschool/pre-k

Yoga, jazz, tap and hip-hop for K-5

Dance (Preschool / Pre-K)

Tap, jazz, ballet and creative movement are incorporated into one class to give your child a full dance experience! Classes teach the fundamentals of dance through a variety of steps geared toward preschool/pre-k ages. Dance helps students improve motor skills, create self-awareness and gain self-confidence!

Tap and ballet shoes are recommended, but are not required for virtual classes.

A lesson plan for each week of classes will be provided at the beginning of the session.

Hip-hop (Grades K-3 & 3-5)

Fun, high-energy class ideal for beginner-intermediate dancers. Dancers will learn both new and old hip-hop styles and incorporate them into dance combinations to age-appropriate music.

Dance shoes are not required for this class.

A lesson plan for each week of classes will be provided at the beginning of the session.

Payment Information / Refund Policy

Payment is due at the time of registration. 

Due to the length of the sessions, there will be no discounts for missed classes.

Fall session: Partial refunds 

We do understand that many things are in limbo at this time and you may be required to return to your regular work schedule outside of your home mid-session. Should this happen and your child is no longer able to attend classes, a refund will be provided for the remaining classes (less the amount of one class to cover administrative fees).

Vimeo classes are not eligible for refunds

Jazz / Tap Combo (Grades K-3)

Dancers will build on dance fundamentals through basic and intermediate age-appropriate steps and dance combinations. Fun, high-energy classes will get your dancers moving!

Although Ballet isn't necessarily technique-driven at this age, virtual classes don't allow for corrections in foot positioning or posture, so it will not be offered.

Tap and ballet shoes are recommended for this class. 

A lesson plan for each week of classes will be provided at the beginning of the session.


Classes promote learning the practice of yoga in a fun and creative way through the use of games, songs and props. From sun salutation to savasana, classes teach children how to focus, channel their energy, be calm and stay positive through a variety of poses and movements while helping build strength, improve motor skills and create self-awareness!

Yoga mates are recommended for this class.

A lesson plan for each week will be provided at the beginning of the session.