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September Yoga Class Lesson Plan

Class 1: Space Party! Today we will land in outer space as we learn (or review) Mountain pose, downward facing dog, frog, tree and plank. We'll also learn our Sun Salutation, which we'll do in each class as a way to stretch and prepare for class. We will learn the word Namaste, which is a word we end class with. It’s a nice way to say thank you to our friends for doing yoga with us!

Class 2:  Pick a card! The yogis will get to select cards from a yoga deck with a variety of new poses. We will learn the poses from the cards together! As with every class, we will start with our Sun Salutation; during our Cobra post in Sun Salutation, we will slither around and make snake sounds. Today, we will also learn about our “final relaxation” and how it can help us rest and take in all of the energy we just created in class.

Class 3:  Silly to Calm. We will practice some of our silly stretches and poses (grasshopper, frog) and mix in some of our calm poses (child’s pose, mountain pose, and practice “being heavy” (meaning totally relaxing)

Don't forget your child's yoga mat!

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