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September Dance Class Lesson Plan

We are so excited to begin our 25th season! Creative Kids works exclusively with childcare centers to bring studio dance classes to families without the need to take away valuable evening and weekend time. Our goal is to create a fun and positive experience for all of our students and prepare them for traditional studio classes once they leave childcare. 

Monthly Tuition and Class Information: An email will be sent out at the end of each month with a tuition statement for the following month and a link to your child’s class lesson plans to keep you up-to-date on what your child is learning. and any other important class information.

If you have signed up for autopay, it will show the balance for the upcoming month and your payment will be deducted on the 1st of the month.


Because we send emails out directly from our enrollment system, sometimes these emails go into spam folders. Please be sure to add this email address to your contact information to ensure you receive it each month. The first couple months of class, I will be following up with a text letting you know an email has been sent just in case you don't receive it.

Class Day / Time: Parents can confirm your child's class day and time by logging into your parent portal, click on "Manage Students," then under "Upcoming Classes," click or tap on the name of the class and it will show the day, time and the name of your child's teacher.




September Lesson Plan

Every class will include tap, jazz and ballet and our lesson plans are meant to give you an overview of what your child will be working on in class. Although we use a mat for tumbling moves periodically, our main focus is dance. The mat is used as a fun activity to add variety to class.

Every class is different and we tailor our lessons to the dancers’ abilities.

Class 1: We will get to know each other better the 1st day of class by having “free” dance time to show each other our favorite dance moves! We will also learn (or review) our ballet positions as well as basic ballet steps such as plie and tendu. Moving across the floor, we will do kicks, bunny hops and marches.


Class 2: Today we will review what we worked on last week. We will also do our toe taps (front, side and back), learn (or review) flap and shuffle.  Age 4 & older classes may also work on Irish (shuffle-hop-step). On the mat, we’ll do forward rolls and candle sticks.

School Age: Depending on age and skill level, we may do bridges and/or cartwheels.


Class 3: Jazz and Creative Movement day! Lots of shaking, jumping and plenty of kicks! We will also learn (or review) step dig. We’ll get to know our students’ abilities by incorporating more challenging combinations! Across the floor, we will do front and back kicks, step digs, and leaps.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s class, please contact Kate at any time. We look forward to a great year working with your child!


The Creative Kids Team,

Miss Kate, Chris, and Jessica


Don't forget your child's tap and ballet shoes!

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