September Dance Class Lesson Plan

Class 1: We will get to know each other better the 1st day of class by having “free” dance time to show each other our favorite dance moves! We will also learn (or review) our ballet positions as well as basic ballet steps such as plie and tendu. Moving across the floor, we will do kics, bunny hops and marches.

Class 2: Today we will review what we worked on last week as well as start tapping! We will do our toe taps (front, side and back), learn (or review) flap and shuffle. We'll also tap across the floor with bunny hops, marches and flaps. We'll end class with summersaults and bridges on our tumbling mat.

Class 3: Jazz and Creative Movement day! Lots of shaking, jumping and plenty of kicks! We will also learn (or review) step dig. Across the floor, we will do bunny hops and pretend we are lions and elephants.

Don't forget your child's tap and ballet shoes!