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Payment Information

Updated for the 2021-22 season.

Summer sessions and Mini sessions are billed per session and pricing/break weeks listed below do not apply.


Class pricing:

Payments are broken down into 9 equal monthly payments from September-May.

Dance: $45/month for 45-minute weekly classes

Yoga: $40/month for 30-minute weekly classes

If your child participated in both dance and yoga classes, a 10% combo discount will be applied at the time of enrollment ($76.50/month for both classes).*

Children participating in dance will have an additional non-refundable costume fee of $45 due in November and $45 recital fee due in February. Our Dance page has more recital information.


*10% combo discount applies if your childcare center offers both dance and yoga classes and your child is enrolled in both.

Payment due date: Payments are due the 1st of each month. If you enroll in auto-pay, payment will be deducted the 1st day of the month.

In order for your child to continue class, tuition payments cannot fall more that one month behind. 

Pro-rated tuition: The only time payment will be pro-rated is if your child enrolls after the 1st week of classes or class is cancelled due to instructor absence and no make up is scheduled. If your child misses multiple classes in a month due to illness, please contact email for a pro-rated amount. Please note that a doctor's excuse may be required.

Dropping class: If your child discontinues their class before it's scheduled end date, you must log into your parent portal to drop them from the class and tuition must be paid to date. Please note that if they are a dance student and it is after recital fees have been paid, the fees are non-refundable.

Multi-child Discounts:

10% off for second child

15% off for third child

Break weeks: There are no classes Thanksgiving week, Christmas-New Year week, February Break & Spring Break weeks.

These break weeks have been taken into consideration in determining tuition rates and there are no tuition discounts applied to months with break weeks.


Each class is allotted 1 "snow day." If your child's school is closed due to weather, there will be NO class make-up and no tuition discount. A make-up class will be scheduled for any additional weather events.