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November Lesson Plan

Class 1: This week, we will do shakes, jumps, bounces, leg switches, and step digs in jazz.  We will also dance with a partner, step in and away from our partner, and spinning in towards each other. We will practice shuffle followed by 3 marches, heel step, flap, and jump-cross (jumping apart and then together, crossing our legs) in tap. We will also play our favorite dance game, “Freeze Dance”


Class 2: This week, we will work on our feet positions in ballet and practice plie, ronde de jambe, arabesque, grand porte de bras (aka “ice cream scoops”) and chasse.   In gymnastics, we will practice balancing, rolls, splits, and bridges.

Class 3:  What is your favorite dance move?  The dancers will get to choose theirs and have everyone in the class do it along with them.  We will also practice our tap steps from week 1 and make a train doing our tap steps around the room.

Class 4:  We will practice plie, tendu, port-de bra, saute, and echappe, in ballet.  We will also practice run and leap across the floor. We will do handstands and rocking horses in gymnastics and end class doing some of our favorites…pancake and banana, spaghetti and meatball, table and crab!





October Lesson Plan


Class 1:  This week, we will learn a new ballet dance with plie, tendu, passé, releve, and tendu en croix. In tap, we will practice toe taps, shuffles, and heal-toe-step and we will do flaps across the floor. We’ll also get time on our tumbling mat to work on bridges, hand stands, and splits!

Class 2:  This week, we will practice our ballet dance and do prince and princess walks. We will work on step digs and ball changes, kicks, spider walks, and gallops across the floor and do creative movement using scarves.

Class 3:  We will learn a new jazz dance choreographed by the dancers! Each dancer will have a chance to add a dance move to this special dance. This week, we will also work on counting the sounds we make while doing our flaps and practice tap steps from week 1. To end class we will count and clap different rhythms.

Class 4:  Since balancing is a very important part of ballet, we will work on balancing steps such as releve and arabesque. We will also try to balance on releve in passé. In gymnastics this week, we will practice rocking horses, front and back rolls, and bridges. We will work with a partner and do partner pretzels and partner stretches.

September Lesson Plan

Class 1: We will get to know each other better the 1st day of class by having “free” dance time to show each other our favorite dance moves! We will also learn (or review) our ballet positions as well as basic ballet steps such as plie and tendu. Moving across the floor, we will do kics, bunny hops and marches.

Class 2: Today we will review what we worked on last week as well as start tapping! We will do our toe taps (front, side and back), learn (or review) flap and shuffle. Age 4 & older classes may also work on Irish (shuffle-hop-step). We'll end class with summersaults and bridges on our tumbling mat.

Class 3: Jazz and Creative Movement day! Lots of shaking, jumping and plenty of kicks! We will also learn (or review) step dig.

Preschool / Pre-K: Across the floor, we will do bunny hops and pretend we are lions and elephants.

School Age: Across the floor, we will do front and back kicks and step digs and get to know our students dance level by incorporating more challenging combinations!

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