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Dance Class information:


Tap, jazz, ballet and creative movement are incorporated into one class to give your child a full dance experience! Classes teach the fundamentals of dance through a variety of steps geared toward specific age groups. Classes also incorporate the use of mats for tumbling. Dance helps students improve motor skills, create self-awareness and gain self-confidence!

Your child will need…

Tap and Ballet shoes, which can be purchased at most department stores, dance specialty stores, or online. A dance leotard (any color or style)* or comfortable clothing (ex. yoga pants and a t-shirt) should be worn to class.

*Before purchasing a dance leotard, please check with your child's classroom teacher on their policy for changing into dance attire.

(Please note: These supplies are required for full-season classes and mini-sessions, but not summer sessions.)

Shoes: Boys and girls will need both Tap and ballet shoes for class. Shoes can be purchased in several local stores including target, Walmart and specialty shops like Bailey's Slipper Shop. They are also available in several locations online.


To ensure your child’s shoes do not get mixed up with another child, we will be writing their name on the bottom of their shoes.

Tap: Velcro or slip-on shoes are preferred over laces, but not required. There is no color preference.

Ballet: Shoes with no ties are preferred, but not required. There is no color preference. 

Attire: Both girls and boys can wear street clothes to class that they can move comfortably in. Girls may also wear a leotard and tights. Sweatpants or stretch pants and T-shirts are a great option for boys.

Classroom teachers get the dancers ready for class, so please speak to them to let them know your child has dance clothes and see if they have any special requirements.

Note: For girls staying in street clothes for class, please be sure not to have them wear a dress on dance day.

Parent engagement!

To keep you up-to-date on your child's learning, newsletters will be emailed the last week of each month and includes a lesson plan for each week and any important upcoming event information. You will be able to see your child’s progress in dance at our observation class held in November.

If you're looking to work with your dancer at home, here is a PDF with a list of most of the steps we work on with a description.


Dance recital...


Because we work exclusively with children ages 3-10, we are able to tailor our dance recitals to meet the needs of our littlest dancers while still offering the full on-stage experience! We hold several shows throughout the course of the weekend and each class participates in one show. Shows are no longer than 45 minutes and each class performs two dances! Dancers are kept occupied while off stage so parents can relax and enjoy the performance. Each recital is immediately followed by a reception with cake and punch to celebrate!

A non-refundable costume fee of $55 is due in November and $55 recital fee is due in February. Full recital details will be emailed to parents in December.

Note: Recital is for school year classes running September-May.

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