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Activate your child's imagination with

Creative Critters Adventures!

Fun and educational books for ages 3 & up.

Join Rosalie, Porkchop, and their Critterville crew in a series of fun and active adventures in dance!

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Rosalie and Porkchop's First Ballet Class

Rosalie and Porkchop are the best of friends! As next-door neighbor’s, they often play and have many wonderful adventures together!

Rosalie and Porkchop’s First Ballet Class is the first book in a series of adventures you’re invited to take with them and their Critterville friends! As you read the book, you may want to join in the fun and try doing the steps along with them!








Rosalie and Porkchop

Ms. Katz (aka Tabby)

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Tap Dancing with Walker

Meet Walker, a tap dancing Boston terrier! Rosalie and Porkchop continue their dance adventure him in Mr. Hare's tap dancing class! 





Walker (aka Walker Bo)

Mr. Hare (aka Bunny)

About the books...

Having worked with preschoolers for many years, we set out to create a book series not only for them, but in honor of them! The large illustrations are meant to give the books a coloring book feel. You may notice that we left some color outside the lines- we could have corrected it, but left it on purpose.

Most of the animal characters in the books are based on pets Aileen and I  have had throughout the years!

-Kate (author)

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