Due to Covid-19, our classes are on hiatus and "tentatively" set to resume 4/15/2020.

Our Dance recital at St. John Fisher June 6-7 is cancelled and other plans will be made at the appropriate time. 

We are praying for all of the childcare centers, schools and families we work with.

Creative Kids gives all of our children an opportunity to participate in an activity together in a non-competitive environment.  Family comes first and they love supporting each other, and are already looking forward to the recital next year.  And it's so convenient for me, as a mom of three, not to have to run the kids somewhere else after work or on the weekend.  I love having dance class right at the daycare...it couldn't be better!

                                               - Reannon, parent

I love having Creative Kids at daycare because 

..... it teaches them the importance of developing interests in physical, social and fun activities outside of the classroom. 

.... the kids just love it !!! 

                                                 - John, parent

2019-20 Class Break Schedule
Thanksgiving break: November 25-29
Winter break: December 23-January 3
February break week
Spring break week
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